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Child care centre cheltenham – If your child is absent? You should be happy for a new study indicates there is probably a sign that the child is intelligent. The researchers found that children who are wandering spirits were sharper brain – are actually the ones who are constantly distracted able to hold information on more laborious than their peers.childcare cheltenham

Is child care centre cheltenham for you child’s absenteeism good? 

The study showed that those who seem to be constantly distracted, more “memory” by giving them the opportunity to do two things at once, says the “Daily Mail”. The study participants had to press a button to open in response to the occurrence of certain letters on a screen or in time with his breathing. The researchers checked periodically to ask if their minds were wandering.

Ultimately, they measured the participants the ability of working memory, they remember what the score for their ability to perform a series of letters with simple math questions, interspersed. Daniel Levinson, Child care centre cheltenham | Elles Belles Early Learning, who led the study, said that those who have a capacity of working memory highest reported “in the spirit moves more simple tasks,” even if their execution has not been affected.

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The results are the first to show an association with a wandering spirit and intelligence. It is believed the additional mental work area is used, for example, when adding two numbers spoken without being able to write. Its capacity is of general measures of intelligence related, such as reading comprehension, the IQ score.

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